Green IT Roundup September 21st - 28th 2012

This week's Green IT roundup covers Google buying wind power for its new data center, a response to the New York Times data center series and some common myths about end of life IT decisions.

The six myths of IT end-of-life decisions 

‘don’t worry about it now’ and similar mistakes when planning your end of life IT strategy.

NYT story on data center waste scares some, frustrates others

The New York Times today kicks off a series on how the cloud's physical infrastructure affects the environment with a persuasive story that offers some harrowing stats. But some say it's unfair.

The power of IT (it’s not all in energy consumption)

In its series on data centers and power the New York Times ignored many of the strides the industry is making toward energy efficiency, but it the bigger problem is that it ignored the potential of the web to reduce our energy consumption.

Google Buying Green Wind Power for Oklahoma Data Center

Google’s move to provide green power for its Oklahoma data center comes on the heels of a New York Times feature criticizing the facilities used to power cloud computing technologies.

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