IT Roundup September 5-12, 2012

This week's IT roundup dives into the incredible growth of mobile operating systems, the growing demand for mobile applications and the launch of Windows Server 2012.

Android, iOS growing 10 times faster than PCs did in the 1980s

Worldwide adoption of smartphones in China and emerging markets is driving the growth.

Mobile Application Development: A Top CIO Priority.

Agility, flexibility, and cost are pushing CIOs to increase the development of new mobile applications for their workforce

Windows Server 2012: A New Look and Feel

 A review of the highlights, and some lowlights, of the newly available Microsoft operating system.

Getting Started with the FREE Hyper-V Server 2012

With the release of Windows Sever 2012 you may have missed that Hyper-V Server 2012 was also launched. Take a look at what's new and the features.

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