Green IT Roundup: January 30-February 3, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup highlights: The savings capabilities of PC power management (PCPM), Recap of a roundtable discussion on sustainability by Chicago’s largest organization and corporations, Army turning to the cloud to reduce its operations, and UK business investment in sustainability increasing dramatically by 2015.

Powering Down PCs: Saving Energy Money and Carbon Emissions
With the current state of the economy, many organizations are reluctant to invest in sustainability initiatives.  One sustainability initiatives that organizations should invest in is a PC power management (PCPM) solution because it’s a cost-effective way to reduce energy and operational costs.

Sustainability Roundtable Gives Strong Outlook for the Future of Municipalities, Corporations, and Government
Chicago’s largest and most sustainable organizations held a roundtable discussion about the financial and environmental advantages of implementing sustainability initiatives.

Army Looks to Cloud Computing to Trim IT Bootprint
With the Army’s push to scale back its operations – both ground and IT, the Army is turning to the cloud to help it reduce its fleet of data centers from about 200 to 20.

UK Business Investment in Sustainability Will Increase Dramatically By 2015
A new forecast from Verdantix predicts that the growth in “green” business spending will grow by 16 percent a year between 2012 and 2012. One reason for the new predictions is that UK businesses are aligning sustainability strategies with operation efficiency.

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